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    Adobe Photoshop Background Removal: A Complete Tutorial 

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Do you need to remove the background from an image of yours?

Removing a background from an image involves several processes. First, use a selection tool to highlight the main subject. Fine-tune the selection to capture intricate details, ensuring a clean edge.

Apply a layer mask or use an eraser tool to hide the unwanted background, maintaining focus on the subject. For more precision, zoom in to refine the edges, ensuring a seamless result. This technique transforms the image, keeping only the desired elements in view.

If you are looking for how to make your products look better…

Because make no mistake, people eat with their eyes and a good product presentation is a must. Learn how you can remove the background from your product to add color gradients, other image backgrounds, solid colors or anything to make your sales take off.

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Wondering if it also works on Animals?

Of course, if you just want to make a cute picture of your pet or whatever comes to mind, the answer is yes. You can remove the background you want from the animals, discover it with our blog.

Animals are precisely the easiest to eliminate because we almost always do it with landscapes and the AI knows how to detect them very well. Could it be that the AI loves animals like puppies or cats? Who knows…

Frequently asked questions

How to remove a background of a picture

Choose an image with distinct boundaries and no overlapping elements for optimal results. Instantly remove the background by uploading your photo to the designated platform. Then, acquire your modified image as a PNG with a transparent background, perfect for further adjustments, saving, or sharing via many tools that we share here.

Can I remove the background on my phone?

Certainly. Effortlessly erase the background from pictures on your mobile device (Android or iOS) by initiating the background removal tool, uploading your photo, and then downloading the result. For a more streamlined background removal experience, think about getting the Adobe Express, or Fotor premium subscription.

How do I make a background transparent?

When you remove the background from your image, it will automatically become transparent. The image will be saved as a PNG file, a format that maintains transparency, allowing you to overlay your edited photo onto any desired background.

Can I change the photo’s background?

Indeed, there’s several tools that serves effectively as a photo background changer. After removing the background from your image, switch to any editor like Photoshop to alter the background. Simply add your image to a new project and select any background you prefer.

Are these tools paid or free?

Luckily there are many tools currently that are free and paid, in this blog we are going to discuss them all because sometimes by paying a little you could obtain better results than the tools that are available for free.

I don’t want to read your blog… could you tell me what tools they are?

Of course, I’m going to list the best ones we know: (it’s the king), Adobe Express,, Photoroom,, and endless more… don’t be lazy, read our posts.

What is photo editing?

Photo enhancement involves digitally altering images to improve their appearance. This can include basic modifications like cropping and resizing, as well as more intricate techniques like color adjustments and retouching.

Utilizing tools like Fotor’s online photo editor, enhancing digital photos becomes straightforward. This software allows for quick adjustments of aspects such as color, brightness, and contrast. It also offers the ability to enhance overall image quality, apply various effects, remove undesired elements, blur parts of the image, and much more. Fotor’s interface is designed for ease of use, while its robust editing capabilities make the photo enhancement process efficient and effective, enabling you to create visually impressive photos with ease.

How to edit the background of image?

AI photo editors offer multiple methods to enhance your images quickly and effortlessly. You can transform the background of your photo and refine your image in moments.

With the Blur Tool, it’s simple to blur the background, drawing focus to the main subject and achieving a depth of field effect.

Our background eraser feature allows for automatic removal of the background, providing a transparent backdrop to give your image a fresh appearance.

Additionally, you can effortlessly replace the existing background using our AI background generator. This tool is capable of creating professional-looking backgrounds suitable for any event, including backgrounds for product photos, automatically.