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An image needs to stand out in order for it to attract attention. Clipping path  does just that for your images. We make the product stand out and remove all distractions around it. A clipping path is nothing but a path drawn around the image to remove background from image. Such work requires precision and we not only ensure that but also provide it to you with a quick turnaround time. A clipping path service does many things to the image. It will remove background and ensure that the image looks clean and stands out on a white background.

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There are various standards of online shopping. We provide services similar to Amazon photo editing and ebay photo editing. Our photo editing services are not just standard services like lighting up the image or cropping it to the desired result. We provide services like watermark removal, removing shadows from images, retouching the images, and a whole lot more. Our clipping path service stands out from the rest because of the precision with which we work and our dedication to customer satisfaction. We aim at delivering beyond your expectations. We are satisfied when we deliver services which make our customers happy. We look forward to building long term relationships with customers which is possible only by delivering quality service.

We ensure that we isolate the image and project the image so that your buyer can make a wise and informed decision before buying the product. We also ensure that the main highlights of the product are not diluted and no misrepresentation of the product happens. Our team of highly skilled editors will provide you the perfect image to lure buyers to your website thereby increasing your chances of conversion. We have a proven record of accomplishment in clipping path services and we do not intend on dropping our standard of delivery any time.

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Before clipping path

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After clipping path

With us, you can be assured of guaranteed satisfaction, quality control, excellent customer support, professional services, and the best turnaround times. Many companies have used our services and they have no regrets of doing so. In fact, many of our customers come back to us for more services because of the level of professionalism and perfection in our work. Images are a very important part of selling in today’s e-commerce world. With everything done online, representation of your product gains prime importance. As the saying goes, ‘First impression is the last impression’ and we provide you with the opportunity of creating an excellent first impression with a clean professional image of your product.

Websites are incomplete without graphical representation of anything. Pictures speak louder than words and that holds true in all walks of life. A perfect picture draws the buyer’s attention and that is about 50% of the work done as far as selling goes. What many sellers and companies do not realize is the importance of truthful representation. People put up images that are completely different from the actual product and while that may initially give you sales, it harms your reputation beyond repair. Not having a perfect image for your product is no excuse for misrepresenting the product. We take away the need for misrepresentation. We will take any picture you provide and create a clean professional image with our clipping path services.

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Clipping Path

We take away the biggest headache of online sales. Website compliance and standards need to be met at all times. Most of the sellers spend time researching on the standards that need to be met. We take away the need for that and provide you with an image that will meet all the required standards. We provide services to client all over the world and ensure that we never disappoint anyone. With quick turnaround times and best in class services, we will keep you one-step ahead of your competition and get you the hits required for your sales page. Always remember, the more hits, the more chances of you selling. Good traffic always converts to good business. Many established sellers realize this and hire us for their image editing work.

super complex Clipping Path Service

Complex clipping path

Clipping path services ensures that the image gets the visibility that it deserves without the distraction of the background or images around it. Something as simple as the background color can also be quite distracting, which is why we provide images on a white background as well if needed. Retouching images is also an important aspect of selling. With close-up images of model’s faces and the product, small blemishes need to be spotted and removed. With our services, you can be assured of all these services in a professional and accurate manner. However, you need to keep in mind the difference between touching an image and tampering with it. We would never encourage you to remove a part of the image because if may not appeal to the buyer. Taking off blemishes from a models face is completely different from taking off a part of the product. This would mean that the buyer would get a product that is different from the image they see.

How to create a clipping path in photoshop CS6

Making an impression is of prime importance in the world of selling. Buyers remember what they purchased and the name of the seller. If you want people coming back for more, you had better give them what they deserve, and that is the truth. We will never provide services that change the face of the product. We will just highlight the product and provide the buyer factual representation of the product so that an informed decision can be made. Selling once is easy, however to do repetitive business and becoming successful, you need to ensure that your images are up to the mark and creating the right impression to your prospective buyers. Using our services will set you on the path to success and the rest is up to the quality of your product. Make wise decision today and create a reputation for yourself among your buyers. Word of mouth is the best kind of publicity and we help you with a stepping-stone towards a favorable recommendation.

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Clipping Path Service
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