Ebay Photo editing

Ebay Photo editing

While purchasing products online, images end up becoming the decisive factor for any customer browsing through sites like eBay and Amazon. In fact, if a customer wishes to ditch brick and mortar stores and instead settle for goods online, the images are the only factor that can attract them. And in the age of today, there are so many e-commerce websites available, ranging from Amazon to Flipkart. To compete with these big players, eBay has ensured that each of the sellers on their site meet certain standards for these images. As a result, eBay photo editing has become one of the first services that every major seller looks for on the world-famous e-commerce site.

Ebay Photo editing

In fact, such is the strictness adopted by eBay that they do not allow any products to be sold without the photo specifications being met. In fact, no adherence to the rules can also lead to a suspension of the account. This is where the eBay photo editing service becomes all the more important and here’s where we step in. We understand the minutest of rules and regulations that eBay has in place and takes on the tedious task of photo editing at their end. In the meantime, companies can focus their energies on more important business decisions and work towards the overall growth. In fact, we understand mechanisms of other sites equally well, and an Amazon photo editing service could be provided as well.

Ebay Photo editing-before after

ebay photo editing

You may come across examples of some retailers selling mobile phones, accessories and other electronics at eBay in bulk. Thousands of products will, in turn, lead to thousands of related photos to be edited accordingly. In such situations, the services offered by us can be all the more useful. We pick up the original images provided by the sellers and resize them according to the specified size of eBay. The only issue that one normally faces while enlarging images is that of losing the clearness of the photos. And this is where we particularly step in. Not only do we provide a clipping path service, but have also created a separate template altogether. On this template with a white background, we resize the thousands of images from the sellers. We also ensure that the rules and regulations of eBay are always adhered to.

Ebay Photo shzie limit:

2000 x 2000 will also be ok but there’s no real need to go bigger than 1600 x 1600 pixels. So, 1500 x 1500  pixels is good.

At times, it becomes essential for the seller to highlight a variety of images with different product variations within the gallery. Using our template, we can easily remove background from image and do the resizing activities on top of that. Not only a single image, but we can also repeat the same set of activities for thousands of galleries. In a way, we don’t simply provide a basic eBay photo editing service to remove background and edit images accordingly. The seller can use the time that is saved in these activities to invest in other businesses. Hence, a much wider advantage of this job must be looked at.

Ebay Photo editing- before after 1

We promise an increase in sales for all the different products just a week into opting for its new services. In addition, in the age of today, one bad photo can make the difference between a customer opting or not opting for a product. In this competition of attracting different customers on a regular basis, it is no secret that the sellers having the best images will end up becoming the front-runners. They will end up having an edge over their competitors. Often, the importance of these photo editing tasks are ignored, and sellers end up spending thousands on labor costs. Opting for our services can save up to 70% of these costs.

Ebay Photo Editing Tutorial using Photoshop

Some organizations work on a project-by-project basis. They normally look to assemble a temporary team for the completion of a project or any other specific task. Hiring a temporary staff member seems the perfect solution for them in such scenarios. This is where we can serve to be just the right choice. Not only that, we also promise a dedicated set of staff that works tirelessly towards the completion of any deliverable.

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Ebay Photo editing
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